Basically highschool is a big game of she likes him he likes her, and she likes someone else and this chain never ends. It’s kinda sad but I can’t help but laugh at how pathetic we all are not to resize someone loves us while we are too busy falling for someone else who doesn’t few the same. Oh the joys of being a teen in the 21st century

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"You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. #actionspeakslouder"

"I would love to say
that you
make me
weak in the knees
to be quite upfront
and completely
make my body
it has knees
at all."

Derrick Brown, “Love Language” (via larmoyante)


homework on the weekends is legal but gay marriage isn’t what is wrong with society


im pretty sure owning a frozen yogurt machine would solve 100% of my problems